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What is Traveling Chiropractors International?

Since 1984, Traveling Chiropractors International (TCI) is an organization to bring health to more chiropractic patients by allowing doctors across the globe to keep their offices open at all times.  Doctors don't lose patients or income, so their practices stay healthy year after year.

Doctor's Benefits

Allows needed time away from the office for vacations,
     seminars, or illness.
Practice growth and income are maintained.
Service fee is tax deductible.
Hotline for emergencies.
Annual multi-use discount.

What TCI clients say:

It was nice not having to close my office when I traveled to a week long seminar in the mid-west recently.  Thanks a million TCI.
                                                                           Dr. Jim Oppemheim
                                                                           Gloucester, Mass

Traveling Chiropractors was a very worthwhile investment.  They gave me peace of mind for a week while on vacation.  The potential loss of patients and income did not become a reality as in the past when we have closed our office.  I am sure we will use your service again.
                                                                           Joel R. Kleven, D.C.
                                                                           Weatherford, Texas

I have used the services of TCI for 2 separate weeks in the last 6 months, and have been extremely satisfied both times with their handling of both my patients and my practice.  We'll use their services again.
                                                                            Dr. James Atwood
                                                                            Buena Vista, Co

Doctors Don't Forget.  

Vacations • Seminars • Emergencies

Call TCI for a licensed relief doctor or an associate doctor.
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